A Concrete Plan for Social, Emotional & Academic Success…

The SEL for Prevention webinar provides school administrators with a concrete plan for students. It equips students, ages 5-14, with the tools they need to meet social, emotional and behavioral challenges.

The SEL for Prevention School Webinar includes:

Instructor Tools (Training & Support): Learn how your teachers can immediately implement the curriculum on a multi-tiered system of support.

Student Tools (Curriculum & Parent Involvement): Learn about our unique elementary and middle school curricula.

Measurable Success (Data Driven & Research Based): Learn about our data-driven method for measuring success. We built our programs on 10 years of research. CASEL and NREPP endorse us.

The results of SEL for Prevention’s programs are students with improved test scores, greater self-confidence and the motivation to succeed. Children who participate in the programs gain self-control, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-motivation—vital ingredients in reducing social isolation and promoting lifelong resilience.

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