Embracing Prevention with Social-Emotional Learning

SEL for Prevention is the new look for our innovative, evidence-based social and emotional learning programs (formerly known as Camp MakeBelieve Kids). Our programs were created by Pamela Goldberg, a Child Therapist and former Critical Care Nurse with a passion for prevention.

The SEL for Prevention Programs

The SEL for Prevention programs, Camp MakeBelieve Kids and SEL for Prevention Middle School Program, teach 8 specific sets of concepts, skill-sets, and strategies designed to promote healthy interaction and safe regulation of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. These 8 concepts, called “steps,” are: Peer Connections, Identifying & Expressing Feelings, Respecting Boundaries, Building Empathy, Mood Control, Stopping Manipulation, Self-Regulation, and Motivation.

Camp MakeBelieve Kids

Camp MakeBelieve Kids is a research-based social and emotional learning curriculum that uses an interlocking system of educational tools as well as an innovative blending of imaginative storytelling, art, drama, activities, music, and intimate discussions to create an organic learning experience for children kindergarten through 5th grade.

The Camp MakeBelieve Kids 8-step program has been equipping children with tools and strategies to keep them safe since 2008.

A brand new digital curriculum for upper elementary school students (grades 4-5) was recently developed as part of a longitudinal study measuring strength-based factors.

SEL for Prevention Middle School Program 

SEL for Prevention Middle School “Strategies & Tools to Embrace Prevention with Upstream Programs” is a social and emotional learning curriculum for middle school students, ages 11 to 14, aimed at promoting positive mental health, building emotional competence, and creating a safe school climate. SEL for Prevention Middle School was developed in 2013 in response to the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.

The SEL for Prevention Middle School program is listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry for Evidence-Based Programs & Practices as an “effective SEL program for improving self-regulation and social competencies”—essential protective factors in the promotion of positive mental health. The Collaborative for Academic Social & Emotional Learning lists SEL for Prevention Middle School as an “Evidence-based Complimentary SEL Program,” ideal as a stand-alone prevention course or easily integrated into core subjects.

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