Positive Thinking Boosts Emotional Intelligence


As part of our curriculum, we at SEL for prevention are dedicated to the power of positive thinking, and how it directly correlates to a child’s education and academic success. With so many negative distractions in our culture that affects the learning process, we cannot always shield our children from them. By teaching them the proper tools, they can navigate their way through these diversions and stay focused on their learning and development.

At SEL for prevention, we teach children to recognize and control their inner self-dialogue. Repetitive negative self-assumptions and self-imposed limitations like, “I’m so bad at fractions. I’m never going to get this, so why bother?” will badger a child into failure and feelings of low self-esteem.  We can help them to reverse these negative trains of thought by replacing them with the power of positive thinking by helping them to understand that help is available if they reach out to those who can help.

We teach children to seek out positive environments that reinforce and enhance their abilities. We encourage them to identify their passions and focus on the positive aspects they bring to their lives, and to the lives of others. We encourage them to develop hobbies and activities that not only boost their confidence and those they encounter, but enhances their knowledge and appreciation of the world they live in. This positive cycle of empowerment is a contagion that reverberates in every life that it touches.

Finally, we encourage children to recognize and reflect on their accomplishments. Although mistakes are inevitable, they are encouraged to understand them as learning opportunities, rather than personal failures. Mistakes will happen, and growth cannot be achieved without them.