Positive Messaging

SEL for Prevention has created a unique opportunity for schools, teachers & counselors to get to know your students on a more personal level.  Understand that the more personal your relationship is with your students, the more you will be seen as a “trusted adult” in their lives. Do not abuse this privilege by blurring boundaries or choosing favorites. Your most challenging students may grow up to be the most successful in life. Creating a personal bond with each of your students will help you become more aware of the subtle changes that could alert you that something is wrong. Pay attention to these changes and do not hesitate to discuss your concerns and to offer appropriate resources. Following suicide prevention protocol can make all the difference in the life of your student—and measuring these results are priceless. Do not hesitate to contact prevention organizations or hotlines for advice if your gut tells you that something is not right. It is better to overreact than to do nothing. Conveying a Positive Public Message can be done as simply as showing empathy and instilling hope that things will get better, encouraging the use of mood changer strategies, and empowering students to change their feelings.  Emphasize to your students that having suicidal thoughts does not mean they are crazy or weird, but it does mean that they need to get extra help to get through this difficult period. In summary, share with your students that each of us is important, we all matter, and all of us need help once in a while.  Positive messaging goes a long way in the promotion of positive mental health.